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* Saturday, January 01, 2005 *


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lilian~* wished upon a star at Saturday, January 01, 2005

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New Rant

* Thursday, December 30, 2004 *

I wanna get inked again..
Maybe a pair of wings or maybe a constellation of stars...i'm so spoilt for choices.. My heart is saying GO but my flesh is saying NO...^__^

lilian~* wished upon a star at Thursday, December 30, 2004

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New Rant

* Saturday, December 25, 2004 *

Something Amazing I Learnt Today

1 + 3 = 7
(i know it sounds crazy but I swear its true !!)

Nope i'm still not that *hic* drunk from my boozing session with Jaime and Fann lah *hic* ......mmmmmmm perhaps it will make more sense this way:

1 large orange mcfizz + 3 glasses of peach chardonnay = 7 "fruitful" trips to the loo within a matter of 1.5 hours
(yuppers pun was too intended ;P)

wah laoz my bladder is indeed weak man...bucky should know what i mean ya ! hee hee afterall we are the non-preceded toilet queens!! luckily i was lounging out in jaime's house man, if not it would be so damn embarrassing to be caught running in and out of the loo!! Someone pls get me bladder fortifying pills before i start to lose control of my bowels! (choy touch wood)
signing off,
alcoholic lilian *burrrrrp*

lilian~* wished upon a star at Saturday, December 25, 2004

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New Rant

* Friday, December 24, 2004 *

Lately someone asked me "So what makes you happy?". Honestly i was stumped (ignoring the fact that it was approx 2am in the morning); my mind went blank, i truly cannot think of anything now that can make me happy!! Amazing ain't it? Perhaps when i was younger, i might have said that marrying a rich and handsome guy who loves me till eternity will make me the happiest gal in the world...But hey! now i'm not that delusional anymore!!

For the past couple of months, I have been feeling so detached from the world and i really feel so numb but the best thing of all is that i cannot put pinpoint what went wrong with my life? Nothing drastic or major have actually happened to my life.
It seems that the boggart (pls read harry potter if you dunno what is a boggart! *geez* ) have sapped all happiness out from me.... One reason is definitely the monotony of life that i'm leading now..everyday its work/home/eat/bath/sleep..No more clubbing, no more partying, no more social life ! Booo Hoooo...I'm getting so damn suicidal now, death could only be the viable solution for me to end these sufferings..no one can ever and will never understand how i feel now...~>_<~

Damn! i'm so close to a mental breakdown now...my thoughts are getting warped and altered...i am getting delirious from the prozac my doctor have prescribed to me for depression...

So to my dear friends out there (you know who you are :p), please do not hesitate to buy me pweety pweety x'mas gifts (read: Tiffany/Gucci/Prada/Dior etc..you know all the bling blings ;P) to show that you really do care...At this crucial juncture of my life, I really do need tons of TLC from all of you (for the uninitiated: TLC stands for Tender Loving Care) sniff sniff...







Hahaha okay okay i admit! The above entry is just a cheap and downright despicable way for emotionally blackmailing my buddies to get my a expensive x'mas gift!! Hahahaha but you can't blame a gal for trying eh ! hehehee...

Merry Christmas everyone !!! Ho ho ho... Time to Paaaaarttty ^____^ and shake your booty..

Am looking forward to the bitching cum boozing session with Jaime and Fann...been ages since i last have a boozing session with Jaime gal..And since she just bought a new digi cam, and being the camera whore that she is, i believe the "party" is actually going to be her personal 写真集 photography session in disguise !! haa haa...its the season of debauchery !! wheeeeee

Signing Off,

Biatchy but very nice Lilian

lilian~* wished upon a star at Friday, December 24, 2004

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New Rant

* Thursday, October 21, 2004 *

damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it...

I need more then divine help to help preserve my sanity, the past few days have really been hellish for me. Been running around like a siao char boh (bugger! you must be thinking i'm already one rite!) for one of my events, I even had to go under-cover as a student to jaga (read: safe-guard) the refreshments & lunch meant for my participant from the ever-hungry and greedy students roving around the campus. Are the students not given enough pocket to afford their own lunch or drinks? If not, I see no other reason why they should resort to pinching food and drinks that OBVIOUSLY does not belong to them?? And when you confront them for doing so, *WOAH* they get defensive and proclaim that they have the right to do anything they deem (even if it means being a shifty gian perng cheapo thief) just because THEY PAID SCHOOL FEES!! *knock knock* HEEELLLLLO!! who cares the f*ck if you paid school fees, the food is provided for my participants from the industry who have paid $blink $blink for the event. I din realize that the school fees you paid for actually include free flow of food and drinks all over the campus (in fact if it is, your parents should be the ones eating since they no doubt paid for your school fees) If you have at least bothered to be courteous about it and ask me for permission, I will still not be so damn pissed! blah!! God bless your cheapo souls...

Anyways, off-track abit but its from my observations that the most cheapo lot of students belong to..............P.R.Cs !!! Yes yes they are also the group that started the "rage" of wearing skin colored sockettes with sandals and they too are also the lot that loves to pluck their armpit hair in the view of everyone. Yeap! Believe your eyes, I said ARMPIT HAIR! I was one of the unfortunate soul who have the worse luck to witness such a phenomenon that is simply mind boggling and transcends all levels of disgust...sicko chinkies! I shall dedicate my next blog entry to them......till then MY COMRADE (a.k.a 同志)

wahhahaaaa....*evil smirk*

lilian~* wished upon a star at Thursday, October 21, 2004

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New Rant

* Thursday, October 14, 2004 *

Words U were Never Taught in School

A philia is the love or obsession with a particular thing or subject. The suffix -philia is used to specify the love or obsession with something more specific.

Androphilia - Love of men

Apodysophilia - Desire to undress

Arctophilia - Love of Teddy Bears

Coprophilia - Sexual Pleasure from FECES a.k.a shit !!

Cypripareuniaphila - Love of prostitutes

Ecdysiophile - Love of watching people strip

Gerontophilia - Sexual attraction towards the elderly

Gynotikolobomassophilia - Love of biting a female's earlobes

Hirsutophilia - Love of hairy men

Oenophilia - Love of Wine

Pathenophillia - Love of virgins

Pygophilia - Love of buttocks

Scopophilia - Sexual pleasure from seeing things

Stigmatophilia - Love of tattooing or branding

Zoophilia - Love of non-human animals (beware: is generally used to mean sexual attraction to non-human animals)

*wow* english language is indeed very interesting eh....Go ahead and impress your friends with your powderful england :p

lilian~* wished upon a star at Thursday, October 14, 2004

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New Rant

* Tuesday, October 12, 2004 *

Its simply amazing how someone SO DUMB can blatantly call herself a secretary!

Screw U bloody black dugong...

It's basic phone etiquette note down caller's name, contact number and organization when you are taking a message for your fellow colleague who's otherwise engaged on the line, PERIOD! Its as simple as that... But amazingly, the blackie in my office merely takes down the caller's first name, and expect ME to return call to the caller w/o even providing any other information! And she even had the cheek to look disgusted with me when I chided her for not taking down any contact numbers/information. Do you truly think that I have ESP or have a PDA stored in my head ??!?


lilian~* wished upon a star at Tuesday, October 12, 2004

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